Staging Business.
Behind the Scenes.

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As leaders of the cultural economy, arts managers and the artists they serve need their organizations’ administrative functions to be run as efficiently as their productions. Janet collaborates with these executives and Boards in the following areas, helping bring new ideas and approaches to fruition by embracing the unique challenges inherent in the creative sector.

Vision and Strategy Facilitation and Documentation

  • Development of consensus and enthusiasm for your the future, informed by market placement and product
  • Creation of multi-year business plans that apply structure and financial strategy to ideas

Transitional Leadership, Executive Search, and Operational Planning

  • Coaching and mentoring of executive leadership in preparation for change
  • Constructing 6-month, 12-month, and 3-year operating road maps for staff and Board
  • Recruitment of next-level leaders who have the necessary skills and affinity

Teambuilding and Organizational Development

  • Investment in the skills, talents, and relationships of the team
  • Development of the policies, procedures, and technology tools necessary for success
  • Development of plans for behavioral and cultural changes

CDA Studio

  • Training the executive team and the Board on how to share your story with potential funders
  • Building a culture of gratitude by defining, embracing, and inviting people to join your mission