Partners for Change. Partners for Good.

We share the aspirations of the volunteers and professionals who lead the nonprofit sector – elimination of hunger and suffering, equal access to quality education, health care and economic opportunity, social justice, thriving arts in every community.

And, we know that serious pursuit of these ideals requires more than aspiration.

Clarkson Davis partners with forward-thinking nonprofit leaders to build and improve the effective, sustainable organizations and programs that are on the front lines of change. We specialize in visioning and strategic planning, business modeling and operational consulting, and capital funding and revenue development.




"We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Clarkson Davis. The firm has met and exceeded our expectations for capital campaign management, strategy and fundraising."

Buddy Jordan, Chairman

Encore Park

Dallas, TX



"Clarkson Davis brought industry knowledge, strong technical planning capabilities, and the ability to engage our Board, staff, and volunteers in an comprehensive planning process. We are a better food bank and a more impactful organization because of our work with Wyatt Davis and the team at Clarkson Davis."

Kyle Waide, President & CEO

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Atlanta, GA



"Clarkson Davis took the time to understand what was working and what wasn’t within our organization and to learn the challenges we faced in our external environment. From the start, they showed their passion for supporting our mission. It was a comfort and relief to have them accompany us and guide us in planning for expanded and improved operations and impact."

Meghan Johnson, Managing Attorney

ABA ProBAR Children’s Project

Harlingen, TX


Janet Clarkson Davis

Janet approaches her work with charisma, optimism, and high expectations. She has served the nonprofit sector for more than 25 years, with executive experience in resource development and management. A respected fundraising and strategic planning consultant in both the arts and health and human service, she is sought out by leaders who desire inspirational, realistic, people-focused plans for growth and change and a best practices fundraising approach that brings those plans to life.

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Wyatt Davis

Wyatt is a founding principal of Clarkson Davis. Drawn to imagining what is possible, he keeps his eyes on what’s next for clients and the nonprofit industry as a whole, always exploring new concepts, designing alternate approaches, and building better models and methods. An outstanding facilitator, he focuses on partnering with clients to envision, plan, and implement innovative strategies and services.

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